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Obamas to go ‘Gangnam Style’ for Christmas, Psy invited to perform

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Maybe. Perhaps if the South Korean rapper hadn’t already appeared on every TV show to perform “Gangnam Style,” a performance for the Obamas would be getting a bigger buzz. The U.S. Embassy is excited, at least.

Guess who’s performing for the Obamas at this year’s “Christmas in Washington” show? None other than @psy_oppa!…

— U.S. Embassy Seoul(@usembassyseoul) December 5, 2012

What says Christmas like “Gangnam Style”? Not to mention, both Psy and President Obama share the honor of being nominated for Time magazine’s Person of the Year, so the appearance is definitely a BFD. At least Psy had the sense to realize the nod was an “LOL” moment.

I’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s People Of the Year of 2012 poll. PLZ VOTE EVERYBODY!!! lol…

— PSY (@psy_oppa) November 27, 2012

Correction: Twitchy originally stated that the White House was set to go “Gangnam Style” this Christmas. The Obamas will attend PSY’s “Christmas in Washington” performance, but the concert venue is the National Building Museum. This post has been updated to reflect that information.

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Unattended bag near White House sends Secret Service back into action

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It may not be as dramatic as a fence-jumping man armed with a knife running though the East Room, but an unattended bag near the White House today gave the Secret Service a chance to redeem themselves somewhat as a competent agency.

Area in front of the White House closed, one Secret Service officer said someone left a bag unattended.

— Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) October 5, 2014

Can the Secret Service get this one right?

@ryanjreilly keeping our 1st family safe!

— Nancy Elizabeth (@MsNancyNCali) October 5, 2014

@ryanjreilly At least the front door is finally locked. :/

— I'm That Type Of Guy (@Marrrrcussss) October 5, 2014

@ryanjreilly that’s not very rare, especially on weekends with lots of tourists.

— Aaron Gordon (@A_W_Gordon) October 5, 2014

@ryanjreilly umm since when did SS start getting suspicious about suspicious activities?

— Shanta Nunn-Baro (@shantabaro) October 5, 2014

So, what’s in the bag?

@ryanjreilly Then he heard it ticking & said "It's OK, must just be a clock. All clear."

— Shannon (@ShannonInVegas) October 5, 2014

@ryanjreilly Is it Ebola?

— Lem (@Lemang01) October 5, 2014

@ryanjreilly @blastedsilver it was Barack's balls. Flotus dropped the crown royal bag she keeps them in.

— Silence DooGood (@DingoAteMyEx) October 5, 2014

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#TUPSH: Today’s ugliest Twitter hashtag game

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#thingsuglypeopleshouldnthave their faces!! lmaoooooooo

— Salina Marie (@LoveForS_) March 23, 2012

#thingsuglypeopleshouldnthave mirrors

— Ana Farhana (@FarrahMohd) March 23, 2012

"@FlyAndFocused: #ThingsUglyPeopleShouldntHave "A Attitude" . . .Yaw already ugly, Dont make it harder for yaself lol"

— Wayne (@ImWayneByTheWay) March 23, 2012

#thingsuglypeopleshouldnthave: Pretty faces. They can mislead & decieve the rest of society.

— Kayla (@DryKMartini) March 23, 2012

#thingsuglypeopleshouldnthave genitals

— lewis horwell (@horwell_91) March 23, 2012

#ThingsUglyPeopleShouldntHave haters. Just cos their not good looking doesn't mean you should Bully them…

— – I'm Sarcastic! 😐 (@RealRomanRose) March 23, 2012

Yes, we denounce it.

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‘I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Stewart!’ Wendy Davis slips further into madness

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Awww … look at her:

Precious. What color is the sky in your world, Wendy?

Also hilarious? This:

We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves!



Fun times! Jon Stewart looks SO thrilled to have Wendy Davis on ‘The Daily Show’ [photo]

Full Twitchy coverage of Wendy Davis

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Oil train protesters block tracks in Seattle

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The last time Twitchy checked in with Seattle city council member and “proud Socialist” Kshama Sawant, she had joined a Fight for $15 protest. Today she and others are blocking railroad tracks in Seattle to protest trains carrying oil through the city.

The protesters did move aside long enough to let an Amtrak passenger train through.

Also among the small group: Jess Spear, who is running for Washington state representative:

So can we assume you’re all for Keystone XL?


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Andrew Sullivan befuddled by ‘firing’ of ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson

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Though there is support coming from the Left regarding A&E’s suspension of Phil Robertson, there are notable exceptions, as evidenced by Andrew Sullivan’s tweet:



TMZ’s Harvey Levin calls A&E’s suspension of Phil Robertson ‘outrageous’

‘Duck Dynasty’ truth-bomb! Martha MacCallum skewers A&E with spot-on question

‘Ain’t hurting anyone but ducks’: Larry the Cable Guy goes to bat for Phil Robertson

Telling! Geraldo ‘supports’ suspended A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ star with typical smug jackassery

Actor Chris Ashworth decries Phil Robertson’s suspension, holds fast to faith

Tolerance bullies? Nailed! Larry Elder puts A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ move in damning context

Piers Morgan: First Amendment shouldn’t protect ‘vile bigots’ like ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson

We see what you did there! Dennis Miller blasts Phil Robertson suspension as only he can

Jim Geraghty crushes A&E’s Phil Robertson suspension with shattering question, idea [pic]

Biblical bam! Fox News’ Father Jonathan makes key point on Phil Robertson’s suspension

How ’bout that? A&E still cashing in on suspended ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson

Dastardly ‘duckophobes’! Greg Gutfeld highlights absurdity of Phil Robertson suspension

‘Major backlash’: #StandWithPhil hashtag supports ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson, slams A&E

@BoycottAETV gaining followers fast after A&E suspends Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’

Self awareness fail: Cable net that hired Alec Baldwin offended by ‘homophobic’ Phil Robertson

Sarah Palin blasts A&E’s suspension of Phil Robertson; Declares free speech ‘endangered species’ [pic]

Selective outrage: GLAAD slams Phil Robertson after letting Alec Baldwin slide

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PPP three-day national tracking poll gives Romney 2-point lead, 49–47

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Twitchy reported earlier on a somewhat bizarre post-debate flash poll by Public Policy Polling showing President Obama winning the final presidential debate but losing the votes of Independents in the process.

PPP has other numbers out tonight, though, showing the results of a three-day (pre-debate) national tracking poll. In the poll, Mitt Romney leads nationally 49-47, with a D+6 sample. The survey also shows that 51 percent disapprove of the job President Obama is doing as compared to 45 percent who approve. Romney earns a 50 percent favorable rating to 45 percent unfavorable.

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‘Damn perfectly stated!’ Kennedy defines ‘inequality’ as only she can

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The ex-MTV VJ is continuing to bring it both on Fox Business and via Twitter. She recently scored with her definition of “inequality”:


Whiners had to whine, natch.

Oh noes! Not an unfollow!

Sigh. Well, kudos for helping to prove Kennedy’s point!

Others loved the definition.

Bingo. Equal opportunity does not magically guarantee effortless equal results.

This Twitter user offers up a fix for income “inequality””

Case closed! And an exit suggestion for Kennedy:


Post a ‘twerking selfie showing sideboob’ and get a ‘personal hug’ from Kennedy

Heh! Ex-MTV VJ Kennedy nails it with Obamacare pre-existing condition question

‘Shut it, turds!’ What sparked ex-MTV VJ Kennedy’s message for Obamacare-gullible elitists?

‘Might be true’: Ex-MTV VJ Kennedy on what Eric Holder really did with Zimmerman’s gun

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‘She’s my date!’ Joe Biden not into sharing Julia Louis-Dreyfus [pics]

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If you need any more evidence that this administration is more celebrity than it is presidential, the state dinner for French President Francois Hollande will do. “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus had the dubious honor of babysitting crazy Uncle Joe Biden, who occasionally pretends to be Vice President.

That’s when Joe got territorial.

The administration in a nutshell:


Just one heartbeat away from the presidency …


Obama to Hollande: ‘As president, I can do whatever I want’

Barack Obama: ‘I’m not emperor of the United States’

Mostly true: President Obama tells Telemundo anchor, ‘I’m not a king’

Obama disappoints donors, admits he can’t nullify Congress

Wow: President Obama admits he’s ‘constrained’ by Constitution at gun roundtable

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